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Can I File a Claim Against a Drunk Driver

Accident Liability in Drunk Driving Cases

According to the Texas Department of Transportation’s Crash Records Information System (CRIS), 25,692 alcohol-involved crashes took place in 2020. Approximately 38.7% of these resulted in injuries ranging from minor to fatal.

Crashes caused by drunk driving are the most preventable, and these often result from negligent actions taken by the driver. As such, both criminal and civil cases can be filed against a drunk driver who injures or kills someone else on the road.

How Can I File a Claim?

Working with an experienced attorney is one of the most effective ways to ensure your rights are protected following an alcohol-involved crash. They will help you understand the process and what evidence may be necessary to gather to strengthen your case, including:

  • Police report
  • Photos at the scene
  • Photos of the injuries
  • Documentation of medical costs and treatments needed

Additionally, an attorney can also advocate on your behalf if the claim requires a trial down the line.

Who Else Can Be Held Liable?

There may be an instance in which a third party can assume some liability in your case. Under Texas dram shop and social host liability laws, an alcohol provider or vendor can be held responsible if they overserved an individual who went on to cause a collision. Likewise, a person who knowingly supplies a minor with alcohol may be liable if they cause an incident while intoxicated.

Austin Car Accident Attorneys

Negligent drivers who cause collisions while under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be held responsible for the damages they cause. You always have the grounds to seek a claim against a drunk driver if they caused injury to you or killed a loved one.

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