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Filing a Claim for a Car Accident in Austin

Two cars crashed on the road. The injured driver that is not at fault needs to call a car accident attorney in Austin for representation.There are plenty of things to love about Austin. We have a thriving economy, beautiful parks and weather, and a popular music and arts scene. As a major city, however, we also have a lot of high-speed roads, traffic, and opportunities for car accidents. According to recent data, the number of traffic deaths hit a 4-year high in Austin in 2020. Though sometimes factors like poor weather conditions and road debris are responsible for accidents, the reality is that a large number of collisions are caused by driver negligence.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, chances are you’re qualified to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver to recover compensation, even if you were a passenger. Our experienced Austin car accident attorney can help. Our Austin car accident lawyer has more than 25 years of experience in litigation and won’t leave your side until we secure the full amount of compensation that is available to you. For caring and accessible legal representation, you can turn to Chris Morrow Law, PLLC.


Qualities to Look for in the Best Austin Accident Lawyers

What To Do After a Car Accident in Austin That is Not Your Fault?

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Texas’s Car Accident Statute of Limitations

In Texas, the statute of limitations for most personal injury claims, including all types of car accidents, is two years. This means that individuals who have been injured in crashes have two years from the date of injury – the car crash – to file a claim so they can obtain compensation.

This deadline is strict, so missing it will most likely mean your case will be thrown out and you won’t be able to get the justice that you deserve. Hiring an experienced car accident attorney in Austin like Chris Morrow is essential if you wish to increase your chances of getting compensated for your damages.

What Compensation Can Be Recovered By an Austin Car Accident Attorney?

Chris Morrow is passionate about helping clients completely recover. In many cases, this means getting the full amount of compensation that is needed to pay for hospital bills and make up for lost wages, among other damages. Our Austin car accident attorney makes sure that no stone is left unturned and that victims of car accidents feel heard and understood.

Damages that we can recover after car accidents include:

  • Medical bills, such as costs of hospitalization, surgery, medication, physical therapy, and equipment
  • Lost wages or diminished earning capacity
  • Property damage, including costs of car repairs and replacements
  • Pain and suffering

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be isolating, but our Austin car crash lawyer is dedicated to our community and can be a shoulder to lean on during this difficult time. Our Austin car wreck attorney is here to help you move forward.

An Austin car accident lawyer discussing an upcoming case with a new client.Every single day, over 200 million drivers take to the roads. With this many drivers, it is easy to see why car accident claims are the most common form of personal injury claim in the entire country.

If you have been involved in a car accident in Austin, you might be facing rising medical costs, emotional and mental trauma, as well as time off work. This can feel unfair, especially when the accident was caused by the negligent behavior of another party.

Fortunately, in the state of Texas, you are entitled to seek compensation for your pain and suffering, and you are entitled to recover all damages you have suffered if the accident was due to the negligent behavior of the other party.

To do this, you should get in touch immediately with a skilled and experienced team of Austin car accident lawyers. Their job is to help car accident victims seek and recover the compensation that they deserve.

Here at Chris Morrow Law, PLLC, we can assign an Austin car accident attorney to your case. They will investigate on your behalf, build your case, calculate your damages, and liaise with the other parties, such as the insurance companies on both sides.

This will give you the opportunity to take a step back and focus on what is important, your mental well-being and your physical recovery, without having to worry about your case.

Chris Morrow Law, PLLC – The Attorney That Works

A large part of a law firm’s reputation stems from its leading attorney, and here at Chris Morrow, Law, PLLC, we are no different.

Chris Morrow is a personal injury attorney with an impeccable reputation. With numerous first-chair trials for the state of Texas under his belt and known for his fierce advocacy and unrivaled approach to his clients, we are proud to be led by an attorney of his caliber.

Part of our ethos is our belief that reliable representation should be available to all victims, no matter what financial situation they are in. In order to achieve this, we offer a free consultation and case evaluation to all clients. This is no-strings-attached and allows victims to at least receive some free, unbiased legal advice regarding their case.

Secondly, we work on a contingency fee basis, also known as a no-win-no-fee basis. This means that you do not need to find any up-front funds to obtain representation from one of our Austin car accident lawyers, and you do not pay anything if we lose your case.

If we win, we take a flat percentage of what settlement you receive. This means there is no financial risk to seeking the compensation you rightfully deserve.

What Different Types of Compensation Are Available to Me Following a Car Accident in Austin, TX?

If you have been involved in a car accident in Austin, TX, there are a range of consequences you may have to face as a result. These might be physical or emotional damages, or they may be purely financial.

Fortunately, if the accident happened because of somebody else’s negligence, you are entitled to recover all damages you have suffered.

Your car accident lawyer in Austin, TX will calculate your damages in the fairest way possible. This will make them hard to dispute and make it more likely that you receive the full, fair, and reasonable settlement that you deserve.

To begin this process, your car accident lawyer will need to consider two types of damages: your economic damages and your non-economic damages. Once these have been calculated, your car accident attorney in Austin will be able to formulate a settlement offer to send to the at-fault party.

Economic Damages

Your economic damages are any damages you have suffered or will suffer that cost a tangible, physical price. Common examples of economic damages are property damage, such as repairing your vehicle, and medical bills. These will have a solid figure attached, and your lawyer will simply add these up and use supporting evidence, like bills and invoices, to back up the claims.

Non-economic Damages

Your non-economic damages are tougher to calculate. This is where a skilled Austin car accident attorney with lots of previous experience in similar cases will prove invaluable.

Non-economic damages cover things like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. These damages do not have a physical cost involved, so it will be down to your attorney to judge what they believe your non-economic damages are worth.

Here are some of the non-economic and economic damages you should make yourself aware of:

Our Car Accident Attorney in Austin, TX Helps Claim Medical Bills

There’s no way around it; medical care in the United States is extremely expensive. This means that in the event of a serious car crash, the injuries can quickly lead to medical bills that exceed even a strong level of medical coverage.

With your experienced Austin car accident lawyer, you will be able to recover all medical expenses that you have incurred as a result of the accident. You can claim for all past bills as well as any bills you may have to pay in the future. If your injuries are going to require long-term treatment and care, your attorney may speak to a medical expert to work out what this may cost you.

In order to help your Austin car accident lawyers, you should make sure that you keep hold of, and make copies of all your medical bills and invoices. This will help them when it comes to documenting and proving your medical expenditure.

We also recommend keeping a daily diary of how you are feeling, how much pain you are in, and what treatment you have received.

Claiming for Income Lost Due to the Recovery Process Following Your Austin, TX Car Accident

If you have suffered a serious injury as a result of being involved in a car accident, you will most likely have to take some time off work to recover. This may result in a loss of income; you should not be left out of pocket for this.

Under personal injury law, you can claim for all past lost wages and all future lost wages too. If you need to take time in the future for recovery, your attorney will calculate what this is worth.

If your injury means that you will never be able to return to work in the same capacity ever again, your attorney may seek to recover a lifetime of lost wages.

Claiming for Pain and Suffering in Austin

Pain and suffering is a term that covers a wide range of different things. It is related to the physical pain and emotional suffering you have been put through as a result of the accident.

If you have received a serious injury that prevents you from doing things that you used to enjoy doing, like playing a sport or carrying your child, this is classed as a loss of enjoyment of life.

Here are some examples of what could classify as pain and suffering in Austin.

  • Anxiety around cars/roads.
  • Post-traumatic stress.
  • Emotional distress.
  • Depression.
  • Sleep issues.
  • Flashbacks.

Claiming for Property Damage in Austin, TX

When you have been involved in a car accident, it is likely that you were driving yourself, and your car was damaged in the process. It isn’t just emotional trauma and physical injuries that you can claim following a car accident, you can also claim for any property damage you have suffered.

Claiming for Losing a Loved One in Austin

The wrongful death of a loved one is always the most terrible outcome following a car accident. When this happens as a result of somebody’s negligence, you deserve compensation. Whilst no compensation will ever bring your loved one back or ease your grief, it can provide some financial security to you and your loved one’s family.

What To Do After A Car Accident In Texas

Hopefully, you are reading this article preemptively. However, if you are currently at the scene of an accident, here are the things you should do to ensure your safety and to give yourself the best chance of seeking full and maximum compensation.

Move To Safety

First, the most important thing you can do if your injuries allow you is to move away from oncoming traffic and away from further danger.

Call An Ambulance

It is important to call for an ambulance right away. They will treat your injuries and will examine people for injuries that may lie hidden due to shock and adrenaline. They will also fill out an accident report that may be used later on down the line as evidence for your case.

Call The Police

It is always a smart decision to call the police following a car accident, especially if there are drivers who you believe to be under the influence, as they will administer a BAC blood alcohol test. If they were drunk, this evidence will prove instrumental in your claim.

They will also divert traffic to ensure no one else has an accident, and they will file a police report you can use later on.

Collect Evidence

If your injuries allow, and you have already called for the police/ambulance teams, now is the time to collect as much evidence as you possibly can. The more evidence you can collect at the scene of the accident, the easier it will be for your Austin car accident attorney to build an air-tight case on your behalf.

Exchange Information and Witness Statements

When it comes to witnesses, the more details you can collect, the better. You should speak to them quickly, and if possible, ask them if they mind you recording a quick voice note statement of what happened. This is a good way to ensure that they do not become unreliable later on. When your car accident lawyer in Austin contacts them to discuss the accident, they simply have to verify that they did give that statement.

Also, collect their name, email, address, and phone number if they are willing to give you them.

Also, obtain the other driver’s information, including their insurance information if they have insurance coverage on their car.

Seek Medical Attention

We recommend that you seek medical attention in one way or another. If you did not receive it from the ambulance team, get checked out by your doctor as soon as possible afterward.

You will want to do this to evidence that you sought medical attention quickly after the accident, and the doctor will also ensure you haven’t got any hidden injuries that were masked by adrenaline or shock at the time.

Call Your Insurance Company

You may need to make use of your insurance coverage, which means you will need to inform your insurance company you were involved in an accident. Make sure you don’t admit fault in any way, shape, or form, and keep it vague. Tell them you wish for your Austin car accident attorney to liaise on your behalf going forward.

Hire A Car Accident Lawyer in Austin, TX

A woman contacting her car accident attorney after being hit by another driver in a crash.

The sooner after your accident, you get in touch with your car accident lawyer in Austin, TX the better. They will be able to advise you on what to do and what to say to the insurance companies and will be able to remind you to collect evidence. They will take the details of the witnesses and ensure they are reliable, and they will begin investigating on your behalf. The sooner they can do all this, the stronger the case they will be able to build.

Investigating A Car Accident In Austin Texas

Once you have agreed to representation from a car accident attorney in Austin, they will conduct a thorough investigation in order to assign fault and liability. To do this, they will need to prove certain elements. The most important is that the other party owed you a duty of care and breached it by acting in a negligent manner.

To do this, they will try to work out the answers to these questions:

  • Did anyone witness the accident who is willing to testify?
  • Did the other part violate any traffic laws, for example, by engaging in distracted driving?
  • Was there an official emergency services report filled out?
  • Did the other driver admit fault or say anything that could be seen as an admission of liability?
  • Was the other driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

The 4 Elements to Prove in a Car Accident Case

There are four important elements that you and your lawyer will need to prove, especially if your case moves to the courtroom.

  • Duty Of Care — The other driver had a responsibility to act in a reasonable way that any other road user would act. If not, they breached their duty of care to you.
  • Breach — The driver breached their duty of care by operating their motor vehicle in a negligent manner or violating one of the traffic laws.
  • Causation — You sustained car accident injuries as a result of the other party breaching their duty of care.
  • Damages — You suffered economic and/or non-economic damages as a result.

What Are Some Common Causes of Accidents for Austin, TX Car Drivers?

What Kind of Injuries Are the Common Result of Austin Texas Auto Accidents?

  • Cuts, lacerations, bruises, and other abrasions to the skin.
  • Burns.
  • Tissue damage or bleeding internally.
  • Broken or fractured bones.
  • TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injury).
  • Whiplash, neck injuries, and other injuries to the spinal cord.
  • Scarring and disfigurement.

While the above list includes the most common injuries we see on a weekly basis, this list is not comprehensive. If you have suffered any injury as a result of a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you are entitled to seek compensation.

If you are unsure if your injuries qualify you to make a claim, the best thing you can do is get in touch with an Austin car accident lawyer who deals with car accident cases on a daily basis. They will be able to evaluate your case and advise you on the best possible course of action that you could take.

Is it Worth Hiring an Austin Car Accident Lawyer?

There are few situations that are as scary as a serious car crash. On top of the immediate mental trauma and injuries sustained, in the following days, weeks, and months, medical bills may begin to add up.

At this point, you should be focusing on your recovery, both mentally and physically, and this is not the best time to learn the ins and outs of personal injury law.

By hiring a car accident lawyer in Austin, you will have a fierce advocate on your side. They will fight against the insurance company and their aggressive legal team, who will be trying to devalue your claim.

They will be able to calculate your damages in the fairest and most reasonable way. When calculated this way, your settlement offer is more likely to be accepted, as the insurance company will find it hard to argue against them in court. Sometimes you may receive a fairer settlement offer simply because you have a reputable lawyer behind you.

Your lawyer will also deal with all the tedious aspects of the case. They will file paperwork, liaise with both insurance companies, collect evidence, speak to witnesses, and investigate on your behalf. They will push the case for the entirety, meaning you don’t have to.

When you seek legal advice and representation from an Austin car accident lawyer, you have the best chances of seeking full and maximum compensation.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are behemoth conglomerates, and they did not get to be so by paying fair and reasonable compensation to everyone who claimed. They employ extremely aggressive, extremely skilled legal teams and loss adjusters who have the sole job of discrediting victims, reducing their liability, and saving the company money.

The insurance companies may call you up with settlement offers that seem fair but do not accurately cover your damages. They might call you up and attempt to get you to say things that reduce their liability. Do not let them record your calls, and inform them that your attorney will be dealing with them going forward.

If you have been involved in an accident where there are insurance companies involved, you should obtain representation if you want to protect your chances of success. Car accident cases can take several years to complete, and you will be responsible for fighting your case for the entirety.

Don’t fight alone. Call us today, and let us fight for you.

What Will Your Austin Car Accident Attorney Do For You?

When you call Chris Morrow Law, PLLC, the first thing that we will arrange is your free consultation and case evaluation. This meeting is designed for you to ask any necessary questions and for us to advise you on the best course of action.

If you feel comfortable by the end of this meeting, we can discuss our fee structure and begin the process. If you aren’t comfortable, we can arrange further meetings, or you can walk away. There are no strings attached, and if you do walk away, at least you do so with some free legal advice from a skilled law firm.

Once we have showcased our wins and explained the importance of a reliable representation to our potential clients, the majority of them decide to proceed with representation from one of our team.

What Happens Once You Agree To Representation?

As soon as you have agreed to representation, our team will spring into action immediately, using all the evidence you have managed to collect and our own investigatory resources to begin building your case. We will advise you on what to do and what to say going forward, and we will take over your paperwork and liaise with all other parties on your behalf.

As our job as your advocates, we will protect you from the insurance companies and their loss adjusters. We will also protect you from making decisions without the right information. 

As your representation in your car accident claim, our job is to protect you from anyone who is trying to influence you.

Should I Hire an Attorney After a Minor Car Accident?

Even if you feel your car accident was a minor one, you should still seek representation from an attorney. Sometimes what seems like a minor injury can end up being severe.

Internal bleeding and head trauma may be masked by adrenaline and shock; if you do not seek medical attention immediately, they may lead to serious consequences.

What if I am the At-Fault Driver?

If you were the at-fault party in a car accident, it is no longer advice and a suggestion. The other party will almost definitely be coming after you for their damages and compensation, and you must speak to a personal injury lawyer who can help you defend yourself.

If you have a skilled and experienced car accident lawyer in Austin, TX behind you, you will be able to put forward the strongest possible defense. If your case ends up going to court, the judge will always look more favorably on someone who has taken the events seriously enough to hire representation, too.

How Much Do Lawyers Take From the Settlement?

As part of our goal to offer reliable representation to all victims, we work on a contingency fee basis here at Chris Morrow Law, PLLC. This means that we only take our fees when you win. We take a flat percentage of the settlement we win for you, as laid out in the initial consultations.

Qualities of a Reputable Lawyer

Finding a good Austin car accident attorney can seem like a difficult task. Everyone says they are the best and many of the less reputable law firms will still invest heavily in an advertisement that paints them as the best.

We know how difficult this decision may be, and whilst we believe we are the right choice for the job, we want you to do your research and make a decision from a place of informed clarity.

Here is what we think you should look out for in a good auto accident case lawyer:

Positive Reviews

Marketing is just that, marketing. It doesn’t matter how flashy an ad is if the law firm has no victories under its belt. When you start researching a law firm, ask them to see their past victories and referrals. If they cannot or will not provide these, stay clear.

Free Case Reviews and Consultations

All good personal injury attorneys will offer a free case evaluation. They will use this time to showcase their victories and win you over with their personality and confidence. You need to feel comfortable around your attorney, as you may be dealing with them for years to come.

Working on a Contingency Basis

In order to offer reliable representation to all victims, a good personal injury law firm should work on a contingency fee basis. Victims are already dealing with rising medical bills and damages and should not have to avoid representation due to fear of losing.

A good law firm will be confident enough in its abilities to work on a contingency fee basis. This also provides confidence to the victim as they know the attorney will be 100% committed to the case.

Texas Car Accident FAQ
Austin Personal Injury

To some people, hiring a lawyer seems like an intimidating process, and one that will cost a lot of money in the long-run. However, at Chris Morrow Law, we believe neither of these things have to be true. Our auto accident attorney can walk you through the process of filing your lawsuit and pursuing fair compensation. We will also fight for your rights in the courtroom if necessary. At the end of the day, our goal is to obtain maximum compensation on your behalf and ensure that you receive justice for your injuries. In addition, we do not charge any up-front fees. You only pay us if we win your case, which means you have nothing to lose!
When it comes to calculating your settlement, no accident is exactly the same. Therefore there is no “average” amount. Depending on how severe your injuries are, your settlement could be anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 or even more. To get a more accurate assessment of what your case is worth, you should reach out to our auto accident lawyers today.
Car accident injuries can range from minor (such as soft tissue injuries like whiplash and muscle sprains/strains) to severe. More severe injuries include things such as traumatic brain injuries, limb amputations, spinal injuries, and more. In addition to the aforementioned injuries, other common injuries sustained in car accidents include: concussions, burn injuries and broken bones.
Following your car accident, the most important things to remember when speaking to the insurance company (whether your own or the other driver’s), is to never imply that the accident was your fault. You should also avoid speculating about things you’re not sure about, don’t make guesses about what happened. Additionally, do not tell the insurance company you feel fine or that you are uninjured without first speaking with a medical professional and your attorney. Finally, do not give the insurance company a recorded statement.
Generally, yes, but how much you’re able to recover will depend on your percentage of blame for the accident. The important thing to remember is not to say anything to incriminate yourself following the accident. Even something as seemingly innocuous as saying “I’m sorry” could be construed as an admission of guilt. Even if you feel like you might have done something wrong, remember that you never know what other factors could have been at play—for example, a traffic light may have malfunctioned or the other driver may have been driving with distractions. Until the matter is investigated, don’t assume that you are ineligible to recover damages. All that said, if you’re found to be more than 51% at fault for the accident, you will not be able to recover any damages.

It is extremely unethical to guarantee a client that the case is a sure victory. Avoid any attorney that does this.

The more complex your case, the longer it will take to settle. Cases with one or two parties involved, minor injuries, and clear liability will be over relatively quickly. Cases involving multiple parties, wrongful death of a victim, and unclear liability may take several years to complete.

There are no rules or regulations that require you to use a specific doctor or medical provider when you have been injured in an accident in the state of Texas. The only time there is an exception to this is if you have been injured at work and need to use your work’s medical insurance. In these cases, they may have an occupational health-approved provider.

There are no legal requirements for you to use your insurance companies’ approved repair shops. They may try to convince you that you should, but you have every right to use whatever repair shop you want.

It is pretty unlikely that you will be able to avoid speaking to an insurance company adjuster full stop. If you do need to speak with them, watch what you say and do not admit fault.

You can seek compensation by yourself but it’s not recommended. You will be responsible for pushing your case through its entirety, meaning you will need to dedicate time over the next few years to do so. You will be up against a team of trained attorneys, placing them at a huge advantage if you have no legal representation.

Your compensation if you do win, will most likely be lower than if you sought it with a personal injury attorney behind you. Even when an attorney takes their fees from your settlement, they usually win enough that you still walk away with more.

Common Types of Car Accidents in Austin, TX & Their Causes

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading types of personal injury claims and are widely recognized as a major public health concern in the United States. More than six million accidents occur throughout the country every year. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were over 12,000 serious injury crashes in Texas in 2018 alone, and based on 2018 data, a reportable crash occurs every 58 seconds in our state.

Common Types Of Car Accidents

  • Side-Impact Crashes – Also known as a T-Bone crash, these occur when one vehicle crashes into the side of another, forming the letter T.
  • Rear-End Crashes – These occur when a vehicle hits another from behind. These can cause neck injuries and whiplash.
  • Head-On Crashes – With the highest chance of causing a fatality, head-on crashes involve two cars crashing into each other directly.
  • Multi-Vehicle Crashes – Multi-vehicle accidents involve more than 2 vehicles.
  • Pedestrian Collision – This happens when a road user hits a pedestrian who is not inside another vehicle.


Individuals who are injured in car crashes due to the other driver’s negligence may be eligible to file civil claims. Some of the most common types of accidents Chris Morrow has handled include:

  • Distracted driving accidents: Distracted driving consists of behavior that takes a driver’s attention or eyes away from the road, such as texting or talking on the phone, changing the radio station, eating or drinking, or having conversations. People can be distracted even when their eyes are on the road, which can lead to them missing important traffic signals or failing to notice nearby pedestrians or bicyclists.
  • Drunk driving accidents: Intoxicated drivers put everyone around them at risk when operating a vehicle because their cognitive and motor functions are impaired. Drunk drivers often make risky and dangerous maneuvers such as speed through red lights, and they’re also more likely to fall asleep at the wheel. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost 30 people in the U.S. die in drunk-driving crashes every day.
  • Hit and run accidents: It’s natural to feel concerned and panicked after a car crash, especially when the at-fault driver has fled the scene. Fortunately, our car accident lawyer in Austin has helped clients in this situation and can offer you options – just because the driver can’t be found doesn’t mean you can’t recover compensation. Many victims can access compensation through uninsured motorist claims.
  • Rideshare accidents: Injured in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver? What can be complicated about these accidents is determining whether the driver or rideshare company is responsible for paying damages, especially since drivers are typically classified as independent contractors. We can examine your unique case on your behalf.

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We are as skilled in the courtroom as we are outside of it, so you can rest easy knowing that we are the right team for the job, whether that is seeking a quick and fair settlement or going the distance in court.

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